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From A Bolivian (FAB) Studios is a one-stop shop for all things video, photos & socials. Founder, Vanessa Acosta is a multi-faceted social strategist based in Los Angeles who has a focus on fashion and event coverage. FAB studios has a talented team of creatives that help produce the best social content for your company. We specialize in creative strategy for short form video content, high-res video content, as well as providing other social services. We have a diverse group of clients in the event, fashion, beauty and wedding space. Browse our site to view all the examples of our work.


Drop Shadow

FAB is the fun colorful production studio of your dreams

FAB Studios captures events, weddings, fashion, beauty, and more. FAB helps grow loyal communities for businesses and provides trending relevant photo and phone native content as well as high-quality specialty camera video content.

Through eye-catching photos and attention-grabbing videos across all platforms, FAB understands social media strategy while also understanding the client's needs and branding. FAB is committed to the authenticity of creating beautiful content while also giving companies tools to have longevity in this digital world. FAB Studios also offers UGC content and can also provide talent if needed.

phone native social cuts

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Skin Gym

Utilizing trending sounds w/ products for relatability

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Mud Wtr

Aesthetic product placement

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Lifestyle ad for an outdoor furniture company

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GRWM style for fashion brand

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Free People

Featuring brand products in 4 different ways.

event coverage samples

event services

  • We work with whatever best fits your needs. We can provide between a 1-4 person team for various event coverage.

  • We specialize in full package services with high end videography, drone, photography and social phone native content.

  • We work with high quality camera equipment and specialty cameras to capture the best coverage for your event.

Wedding Services

Get a wedding content capturer

for your wedding day!

wedding content creator

  • Phone native content creation for weddings is become the new route for couples.

  • Having a content capturer will eliminate having to ask friends to capture phone content, this way everyone can enjoy the wedding.

  • Strategies, concepts, and any current trends would be pitched and reviewed before the wedding day.

wedding samples

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Bridal Trend

If there is a bridal video trend you want, we make it happen

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Design Vibes

Capturing the design and table tops before the chaos

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Trending Sounds

Capturing details of your wedding day with fun trending sounds

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Capturing the energy

FAB captures the best moment to really encapsulate that in an under 60 sec video

product & fashion




Stephanie Beatriz

Portrait of Encanto & Brooklyn 99 Star

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Studio campaign shoot for fashion brand SOTY

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Ecommerce and Social campaign shoot for Indigenous Fashion brand

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Core audience

Let's face it, most of FAB's content is geared and attracts more women than men. And we love that!


tik tok growth

Vanessa creates genuine and authentic content and audiences love that. This graph shows the growth that Vanessa has seen on her Tik Tok account in the last year. She went from 0 followers in December of 2021 and has now grown to a 15,000 audience.

ugc samples for clients

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Boscia Skincare

Can create natural and genuine content with honest reviews.

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Lot28 Design

Can style product with complimentary colorful fashion

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Keys Soulcare

Informational and promoting product video

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Free People

Can relate to niche audiences for more inclusive fashion



Phone native video, high res video, UGC, event coverage, PHOTOGRAPHY, AND CREATIVE STRATEGY PACKAGES ARE ALL SEPARATE RATES or can come in bundle packages.




Eye catching creative content and quality storytelling with a wide range of clients

Contact fab

Drop Vanessa a line at fromabolivian@gmail.com

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